Fall Sports have begun

Its not quite fall yet, but the mornings sure do make it feels like it is.  That chill in the air, sounds of whistles blowing at after noon practices, or the loud speakers and cheering at the Friday night football games.  Fall sports are in full swing.  Another school has is underway.  And injuries that come along with them are rolling in.  Parents, if you child complains of pain, please listen to them.  We don’t see every single hit they take during the game or practice.  We don’t see all the times our volleyball players hit the floor.  We don’t see our cross country runners step in a hole on the course.  These injuries affect performance, whether we like to admit it or not.  Don’t hesitate to get your athletes in for a tune up and keep them playing at peak performance.

We have early morning appointments, get them done before school.  We can accommodate during lunch time and we are open until 6 pm on Wednesdays.

Here is to a successful school year!


Just ask for help!

What a week it has been!  We finally got some snow here in Hays, America. Most people that really know me, know that I am not a fan of winter. I hate being cold!  But this year I have found myself praying for snow!  The timing of the blizzard here was almost perfect too.  I was just on the brink of a mental break down because I just needed a break from life for a little bit.  Between traveling and working and the stress of traveling in bad weather, and sick kids, multiple trips to the doctor, worrying about my teenage son driving on snowy and icy roads, getting homework all done and turned in (which seems to be a bigger problem some days than the actual getting done of the homework), getting all my paperwork caught up….ok, so you get my point. Finally on Tuesday, God decided to give me a day off, and for a few hours, he literally told me to sit down and stop doing STUFF.

What else does a working mom do when she gets a day off of work (most of the day anyway), and the kids are home from school? Well, housework and laundry and business agendas and develop new ideas for work and help kids with homework…..that is until the electricity goes out!!!!   I was literally forced to unplug for awhile. Yes, I did have my phone and Facebook handy, but was walking a dangerously fine line of Facebook vs. Dead phone and no way to charge it. Can’t do homework because there is no wifi and all the homework is now done on an IPAD.  Can’t even watch netflix!!!!! 

Thankfully, I had a 53% charge on my kindle. But with no wifi, I couldn’t download any new books that would rot my brain for the next few hours. So I went through my choices that I already had on there, but had never gotten to. And one jumped out at me, I started reading “Daring Greatly,” by Brene Brown.  Unfortunately,  I have not gotten as far into it as I would have liked, but what I have read so far has already got me thinking.   The main word that keeps coming back to slap me in the face is “vulnerability.”

As the person that generally has to “take care of everything,” I forget sometimes that I am allowed to be vulnerable.  That maybe I should show that vulnerability a little more often, and prove that yes I am a human, and I need help from other people! What is the point of making myself anxious, and sick and stressed and exhausted by trying to do everything myself.  I should not feel bad about asking for help!  It’s time to get over feeling inadequate or like I’m failing, just because I ask someone to do something for me.

People ask for my help ALL DAY LONG! And I happily and graciously help people all day long. That’s what I was put on this earth to do!  That is what we were all put here to do. Some of us have to help each other in different ways based on our physical abilities, our knowledge and education, and our interests.   I certainly wouldn’t ask my office manager to repair my car!

So when you have pain down your leg, or debilitating migraines, or neck pain that is keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep,  or pain in your TMJ, or hip and knee pain, ASK FOR HELP!  Stop trying to deal with things all on your own. Stop thinking that “maybe it will go away!”  Ask a professional that has the knowledge to help you with your problems. Don’t let your uncle Tom, the mechanic, diagnose your low back pain, let him fix your car when it’s not running right!  And don’t avoid asking for help just because your insurance doesn’t pay for it, or doesn’t pay for most of it! 

Find someone you trust to help you with  the things that you need help with. And then LET THEM DO IT!  Let them do what they know how to do.

Ok, I am going to go now and ask weight watchers what I should have for breakfast!

Who is in charge of your health care?

As many of you know, paper work and questionnaires have become commonplace any time you visit a doctor’s office these days. Do you ever wonder why?  Do you think it’s because we like to waste paper and your time?  I promise you, that is not the reason!  Is it Obamacare? Well, that’s partly the reason, and most often the reason we give. That way you can cuss them and not us! 

The real reason is the insurance industry itself, predominantly Medicare. Because you can almost always place a bet, that if Medicare makes a rule, most other insurance companies are going to follow it too.

And do you want to know what insurance companies #1 goal is these days?  NOT paying for something that is ” not medically necessary”!  So who gets to determine if the care you receive is  “medically necessary?” Audit companies! Not the doctors that you know and trust to take care of you. Companies that are hired to go through your records with a finetoothed comb to see if all the questions have been answered in the appropriate way and if all the boxes on the checklist have been checked.  And if your particular health problem doesn’t meet all the requirements and check all the right boxes, then it’s not “medically necessary. ”

Did you know that there are 5 phases of chiropractic care? 
Phase 1 is pain relief: I want to get out of pain as quickly as possible.
Phase 2 is corrective care: I want to truly fix my spinal dysfunction and retrain muscle weakness.
Phase 3 is supportive care: I want to keep the progress I’ve made by continuing care.
Phase 4 is maintenance care: I want to prevent future problems from occurring and old ones from returning.
Phase 5 is wellness care: I want to be the best that I can possibly be.

Most insurance companies have no problem paying during the pain relief and corrective phases. The supportive phase is supposed to be covered, but those checklists had better be pretty darn convincing because, when a person doesn’t have pain, then how can you prove that continuing treatment is still medically necessary?  And then there is maintenance and wellness care. Can you say no and hell no, we ain’t gonna to pay for that.

So how does one take control of their own health care? By understanding these 5 phases of care and deciding what is most important to them, and not by being a slave to the insurance company.  Have you ever made a decision about your own health based on what type of insurance you have? Come on now, let me see all of those hands! !!  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that insurance companies are the devil himself. If you have the coverage and you are paying for it, then by all means use it!  In these cases fill out those forms and answer all 150 questions that they want answered to justify that it’s “medically necessary.” Use it to pay for your treatment when you are in pain and even when your pain is gone, but you still know that there is still some work to do. But don’t let them tell you when YOU have had enough.

Think about your vehicle insurance for a moment. They pay for your car when it is damaged. What do you think they would say to you if you turned in a claim for an oil change or a filling up your tank with gas.  How fast do you think they can say no and hell no!?  Your health insurance pays when your body is damaged. They don’t want to pay for your body to keep running optimally.  They don’t pay for your vitamins, and massages, and fruits and vegetables, or your WELLNESS care!  Now you don’t HAVE to have these things for your body to function, but you need these things for your body to function WELL. Just ask your car how it wants to run without some gas in the tank or an occasional oil change.

But now you are saying,  “I can’t afford to pay for these nice things that aren’t necessities. ”  Did you know that if you come to our office, and your treatment is considered “maintenance ” or “wellness,” that we only charge $35? That is about the cost of an oil change, or a full tank of gas (well maybe a full tank of gas). And nowadays it’s about the same or even less than your insurance copay!!!  And you can skip all the paperwork and questionnaires! !!!